Who Will Replace Charlie Strong at Texas

Charlie Strong has been reported as effectively-fired at Texas as his team flounders in his third season. He is a fine coach who is respected by many, but he is not giving Texas boosters what they want. This article explains who may replace him at the school, and the list is quite short. There is no reason for the team to fire him unless they find one of two men who are surely better coaches than he at this moment.

#1: The Booster Pressure

The University of Texas athletic department is the most-profitable in the NCAA, and they receive countless dollars from donors who expect control over the program. The retirement of DeLoss Dodds several years ago left open a hole where boosters are asserting their power. Boosters want Strong gone as they cling to unrealistic expectations. They believe Strong must win immediately without realizing national recruiting has stripped Texas of its power.

#2: Les Miles

Les Miles lost his job at LSU after several years because his offenses were not performing. He won a national title at LSU, and he is on the free market. He may take the job if offered, but he is old enough that he may choose to retire or do TV . Texas may see his offensive problems as troublesome, but he is a fine recruiter who may take back recruiting power in the state of Texas. No state has more football talent, and Miles may well find the talent himself.

#3: Tom Herman

Tom Herman was the name on the lips of every pundit in the land when Strong was reported as fired at Texas. No one has confirmed, and Herman sits in the middle of a contract at Houston. He left as the offensive coordinator at Ohio State to create a program at Houston that is competing for an undefeated record perennially. He is not likely to walk away from Houston easily, but he is a Texas boy who may want to go to the big school. It may be his dream job, but no one knows for sure. He is not saying anything to the press, and he may well be the next coach at Texas.

#4: A Third Option From Left Field

PJ Fleck is the head coach at Western Michigan. The little team from Kalamazoo is undefeated, and he has built a program that everyone must pay attention to. ESPN took Gameday to Kalamazoo because the team is so hot at the moment, and Fleck is a young guy with quite a lot of energy. He may not be on the radar for Texas, but he may be what they need. Youth and energy will put some life back into Texas football that was not there before. Every bit of Fleck’s system would work at Texas, but he may not be the big hire the school wants.

#5: No Way Chip Kelly Goes To Texas

Chip Kelly seems to be on the radar at Texas, but all reports indicate he does not want to leave the 49ers. He likely believes he has a chance of success in San Francisco, and he cannot go back to college football without facing an investigation for all he did at Oregon. This is a dead lead in the search for a new head coach, but Kelly’s name will come up for every new job regardless of what is reported.

The Texas job is open because boosters want Charlie Strong gone. They will have their way, but they must put a better man in his place. These few men are qualified, but they may not want the job.