College Football Records No One Has Been Able to Break

For its over 150 years of existence, major college football has seen many records be set and for those records to be beat. However, there are a handful of records that have never been beaten as of right now. Here are nine records that have never been beaten:

1. The University of Oklahoma holds the record of the longest winning streak to 47 straight games.

The Sooner streak began in 1953 and went for most of the next five seasons, with the middle three being perfect seasons for the team. However, all five seasons were great with all five of them having conference titles. Their streak ended when Notre Dame beat them in 1957. Since that time no college team has had a streak longer than 35 games.

2. John Reeves holds the record for most interceptions in a single game with 9 thrown.

At the time, Reeves was quarterback for the University of Florida. The game in question came during a game with the Auburn Tigers in 1969. This ended up being their only loss during that season.

3. Pat Brady holds the record for the longest punt at 99 yards.

He made this kick in 1950 against Loyola Marymount. This is the furthest possible point, so at most it can only be tied.

4. Charlie Calhoun holds the records for most punts in a single game with 36.

This was 1939 and Calhoun was punting for Texas Tech against Centenary. His record 36 punts throughout the game came up to a whopping 1, 318 punting yards. The game was characterized by an incredibly wet field which made it almost impossible to play well. The game ended in a 0-0 tie.

5. Barry Sanders holds the record for the most rushing yards per game in a season with about 238.9 yards per game.

He averaged 7.6 yards per carry and rushed for more than 300 yards over the course of four games. He was also the punter and kickoff returner, which gave the team 516 yards. In total he had 2,628 rushing yards and 3,248 total yards in that year alone. Sanders record breaking season came in 1988 and earned him the Heisman Trophy for that year.

6. David Klingler holds the record for most touchdown passes in one game with 11.
In 1990 Klingler was a quarterback for the Houston Cougars. During the said record-breaking game on November 7 of that year, Klingler helped lead the team to a huge 84-21 win against Eastern Washington. Most of the time it is hard for a team to get even half this in an average game.

7. Rashaun Woods holds the record for most touchdown receptions in one game with seven.

Woods set the NCAA Division 1-A record September 20, 2003 when his team at Oklahoma State faced and defeated SMU. Woods finished the season with 13 catches for a total of 232 yards gained.

8. Freddie Barnes holds the record for most receptions in one season with 155.

For this record to ever be passed a wide receiver would need to average at least 11
catches per game over the entire season.

9. The University of Houston holds the record for most offensive yards in a single game at 1,021.

This game against SMU featured 250 yards gained in the ground and 771 gained in the air.